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NEW LOWER PRICE! Sold on Exchange basis only - core return required....


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Tired of changing your field lamp? Switch to LED! Will work on any machine that has Millenium MLC. Will not work on True Beam, because bulb configuration is different....

C2 Quality Certification Testing Bunker

OSI is the only independent LINAC parts provider with a fully shielded testing bunker approved for full functional operation of Linear Accelerators. This means that we can perform tests and test parts that no one else can. It also ensures that all of our C2 Certified parts are held to the highest standards for quality and reliability – which translates into value for our customers.

Multiple Distribution Centers for Local Access to Parts

In addition to the OSI primary distribution center in Atlanta, high frequency parts are inventoried in key locations across the country, including New York, New Jersey, Texas, Tennessee (FedEx hub) and Los Angeles. This supports the most rapid parts delivery in the industry.